person holding a mocktail

 What is a mocktail?

Mocktails are drinks that don’t contain alcohol. Now, you might be thinking: “what’s the point of that?” To which we say: “if you’ve ever been out with friends and not been able to enjoy a night because you don’t drink, then you might have a different opinion.”

Mocktails are a great way to encourage responsible drinking and for those who don’t want to drink alcohol, the mocktail is a great alternative.

Mocktails are a common request for parties that would like a non-alcoholic option available for those who want a refreshing frozen drink without the alcohol. Mocktails are safe for people of all ages.

What are the most popular mocktails?

There are many different mocktails that are served frozen but the most popular ones are: frozen strawberry margarita, frozen pina colada, frozen lemonade, strawberry daiquiri, mango margarita, and piña colada mocktail. These are just some of the most popular and requested types of frozen mocktails but the options are limitless.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does a mocktail have alcohol in it?

No, mocktails do not have alcohol in the receipes which make them a perfect treat for all ages.

What is the most popular mocktail?

The most popular mocktail our clients request is the frozen strawberry margarita mocktail. 

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